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A World of Songs (album):

Bonding with your baby is about interacting with your baby to learn and develop their brain. Research has shown that listening to classical music at a very young age can help develop new neural pathways, which enhance a baby’s capacity to learn.

While baby and caregiver bond listening to A World of Songs, they can also move to the beat, hum the melodies, clap, or integrate textured material, such as soft toys, and drum to the beat using different percussive instruments, such as wooden sticks and spoons. Singing helps the baby to develop a longer attention span and language skills.

A World of Songs CD

  • The music in A World of Songs represents music from around the world and classical music, and it has been developed with consultation with child development experts to make sure that it fits organically with your baby’s senses. The music moves from upbeat tunes to slower tempo that soothe the baby over the course of the CD. The instruments include piano, keyboard, cello, and erhu.


1. Can-Can Offenbach 0:50
A Little Flower Gurlitt 1:02
Itsy Bitsy Spider Traditional American 0:22